Suited For Each Other

Suited For Each Other

Have you seen our “I’m not for everyone” post yet? Go check it out because this is a continuation of that post! Let’s get right into it, shall we? Pretty early on in my career, I noticed that on some days, I didn’t want to lashes at all. GASP! Ah! I know. For the most part, I was super excited for the day ahead! I assumed my funk was coming from being burnt out, so I brushed it off and thought it would pass. Till I noticed it wasn’t that lashing was tedious, it was actually due to some of my very own clients! I was trying to please what felt like the unpleasable! I got to the point where I’d ask myself, “why are they still coming to me?” or “why am I still doing this?” I booked anyone and everyone who would trust me to provide a service. I wanted to practice as much as I could, and I needed exposure. Boy, did I learn my lesson. At the time, my classic full set was only $30. Slowly my price increased to $50, then to $80, and then I realized a pattern when I started charging $100 for a full set. Every time I adjusted my policies or increased my prices, some of my low-quality clients would stop booking! Which brings us to the present day, for a classic full set I charge $175, and my books are filled with nothing but premium clients!

Here are some tips on how to become a PQC:

H Y G I E N E – Now, if you looked at this one and rolled your eyes, I am talking to you. By no means am I calling you dirty. I’m saying you need to be mindful when getting serviced. Can you imagine forgetting to brush your teeth before going to the dentist? Getting a Pedi with hairy legs? Shameful! Exactly, so why would you show up to your lash appointment straight out of the gym, all sweaty and stinky? Or my favorite with dirty lashes. Fair warning, some serious shit can go down in your lash line if you don’t get in there with soap! Yes, I said soap, you wouldn’t clean the hair on your head with just water, right?

S E L F A W A R E N E S S – This should be a no brainer, but for some reason, it’s easily forgotten. As a consumer, you need to be mindful of the space you’re entering, and the vibes you bring in with you. Yes, I am a service provider, and this applies to you just as much as it applies to me. Are you rushed to get to your appointment on time? Or are you having a shitty day? Before you walk in, take a second to sit in your car, and take deep breaths. Keep in mind, your mood sets the tone for your appointment, and I want all positive vibes!

B O U N D A R I E S – I get it, your busy, shit I’m quite busy myself! However, being on your phone while getting your lashes done is pretty ridiculous. We work with some pretty serious tools, not to mention the chemicals! When it comes to the adhesive, if your eye(s) open, even just the quickest blink can lead to fumes getting in, which will cause your eye(s) to burn. Not pretty, trust me! So we agree, checking to see if you have any Instagram or Facebook notifications is a no-no moving forward? Also, keep in mind, there are certain policies set in place by my insurance that do not cover your children, and my services require your eyes to be shut for anywhere between fifteen minutes to three hours. So, please leave your adorable babies at home. Plus, the whole point is to get away for an hour and have some “me time,” no? I also feel the need to address sickness. Trust me, I get it, lashes are addicting. However, if you’re feeling ill, please, please, pretty please reschedule ahead of the appointment! For this to be a long term relationship, we must both respect each other’s boundaries.

A P P O I N T M E N T S – Prebook! I’ll let you in on a little secret, at Facexcape there is no “I am just going to get them this one time” or “I’ll see how long they last and text you for an appointment.” Why? First of all, I guarantee you’ll be obsessed the moment you open your eyes! Consequently, you’re likely to forget to book your next appointment with enough time. Then you’ll show up when you think you need a fill, and you need a whole new set! If you’re an online booker (my high key favorites), my rule of thumb for you is to book an appointment two weeks from your last appointment. Booking this far in advance ensures you’ve booked with enough time, and you get the availability you desire. Now for the serious stuff, when you book an appointment, you’re pretty much committed to it! Meaning, if you decide to cancel last-minute or worse, not show will result in you having to pay a fee. My fees range between 50%-100% of the service!

A F T E R C A R E – Was created for a reason! You pay money for the service, so take the time to care for it. I cry a little when I see clients do things they’re not supposed to! This is my form of art. You technically throw your money away when you don’t follow the proper aftercare steps, and the funny thing is there isn’t much to it! So long as you do the aftercare properly, it is simple and effective. Trust me, your daily routine has more steps! Don’t know the proper lash aftercare? We’ve got you covered, check out this free guide.

E X P E C T A T I O N S – This is everything! I’m sure you have certain expectations that need to be met, right? You have high standards for your experience, sanitation is important to you, and you want to be dealt with professionally, etc. I’m not a one-hit-wonder, and my goal is to build a genuine relationship with my clients and to provide a luxurious service. My lash service is unique because it’s customized to each facial structure. I know that having your eyes closed puts you in a vulnerable position, so I provide a comfortable space where I can build trust with each client. You deserve a professional who will never compromise the integrity of your natural lashes. I respect the expectations of my clients, and I expect some things from you as a client too. This is why I’ve been more selective with the clientele that I decide to bring into my space. If I’m being completely honest, Premium Quality Clients are hard to come by, and some of them I had to train myself. Teach them to value the service as much as I value them.

I guess I only have one question, are we suited for each other?