That is the Question?

To lash duh!


Okay, maybe it’s not for everyone, but there’s nothing wrong with it either!

I just find anything in the beauty industry very hard to do part-time, am I right?


I know many people who can sew, blog, photograph, etc. all part-time. They can do what they love and still maintain their day job, compared to everyone I know in the beauty industry who always seem to do it full time! This is so crazy to me because back in the day, the industry was something to be embarrassed about. People automatically assumed that it was a last resort, but look at us now!


I knew straight out of high school, nine to five wasn’t in my DNA! I come from a mother who was a cosmetologist for as long as I can remember, and my biological father, an entrepreneur, had his hands in every jar. Even though I wasn’t raised by him, I always knew working for someone else would never make me happy. Which lead me to where I am today! I am a lash artist who prefers cleaning houses and nannying over a nine to five gig in a cubicle. 


This quickly changed once I was faced with a decision early into my lashing career. I was given an ultimatum, continue to work for someone else’s dream, or pursue this new craze with lashes. At the time, I was just starting to take off, all on my own. Guess which one I picked? If you said to go out on my own, you are incorrect. My first impulse was to stay because I didn’t know how to run a business. I was scared! The thought of a client not being able to come in for a touch-up, or not having me within her budget anymore was and still is a risk. 


This decision was by far the hardest to make at that point in my life because I had my whole family to provide for. How could I possibly pay the bills if I was starting from zero? What scared me the most, a couple months before all this started to happen I lost the paperwork that proved I was legally allowed to be in the country.  I wasn’t a citizen, so I didn’t think I could be an entrepreneur. Stupid right? Looking back, I wish I would’ve trusted myself that inner voice, my gut. Yet, at that moment, there was not a chance in hell I was going to leave a mediocre, but a secure job to pursue entrepreneurship. I couldn’t even spell it correctly, how could I possibly make this work? 


I had all the excuses, I’m was young, I’m a beginner, who will pay me to practice on them? I would be forced to work from home because I didn’t have the money to rent a space. I used every excuse, I literally wasted my own time, and got in my own way! If there is one thing you can take away from this blog, let it be the fact that you are the only one standing in your way! Also, be kind to yourself because I literally shitted on myself. I was wrong for doing that! If this is you or know someone walking this path, share this with them. T R U S T Y O U R G U T!


It wasn’t easy, but I had a contract in my hand that I’d read over four times. I came to the same conclusion, “if I sign this, I’m going to be miserable.” I remember brushing it off quickly, taking deep breaths to calm my racing heart, and as I walked into my client’s home, I prayed that she wouldn’t notice how freaked out I was. Of course, she noticed right away! I will never forget her words after I explained the situation, “Sheila, do you know what this says? You can’t sign this. You can do it on your own, you just need to work twice as hard.”


Random thought, did you ever watch the movie Mulan? Do you remember when the grandmother walks across the street blindfolded to test how lucky her cricket was? That’s kinda how I felt knowing I wasn’t going to have steady, secure hourly pay. Instead, accepting the fact that I would run a business all by myself. Yes, I have an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, but those textbooks are literally from 1952. They didn’t teach me shit, other than account payable and account receivable. WTF!


Anyway, back to what I was saying, I knew I had never run my own business, but something in me knew if I went in 100% and kept it consistent, I could walk away proud. Even if it didn’t work out, why not? After all the overthinking and excuses, my huge headache and I made the decision in a split second. Fuck it, I’m not signing it, and I didn’t! AHH! Just thinking of the moment, gives me butterflies in my stomach!


That was the best decision I made for my life! Although I went from working 35 hours a week to 24/7 and literally taking on 10 different personalities at least three times a day, I can’t imagine it any other way.



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