Ready to bring your training to Miami?

Bienvenidos a Miami, Time for a work-cation. Looking forward to sharing your knowledge with students who are eager to futher their educations. Your course can elevate their skills and take their craft to a whole new level! What do you say?

Lets do it!

FaceXcape’s Responsibilities

  • Provide a training space that is open and spacious enough to accommodate max # of students.
  • Provide lighting for each student
  • Provide conference style tables for day 1
  • Provide linens, including bed coverings, & small blanket for each bed.
  • Provide small trash cans for waste fro be shared between beds.
  • Provide white dry-erase board and provide colored markers.
  • Provide multimedia projector or  monitor, with HDMI cable.
  • Provide models for students unable to provide their own.
  • Promote the event on all social media networks (Promotional posts should be
    designed and provided for host that works within host’s Instagram theme/color/design).