At Facexcape, we celebrate your uniqueness and believe in furthering your education. We cater to our students, and our education program isn’t a one size fits all. Each course has been designed to teach you based on how you intake information. Whether you learn in a small group setting, workshop, private training, or mentor sessions, our courses are meant for you to level up in the industry. We take your individuality seriously because no two artists walk the same path, much less learn in the same ways. Now ask yourself, “how do you I learn?” Whichever method you choose, there are options.

Course Cocktail

They say practice makes progress, but what progress if your overstressed and getting frustrated! You take your time to customize your work to each and every client right? Now it’s your turn, I have developed a way for you to customize your own sessions. Face head on all the obstacles standing in the way of your best self. Lash extension, lash lift, brows, business, we have mentorship programs for all our major courses, and can teach it to anyone all over the world! Can’t wait to see what cocktail we’ll whip up.

– Time zone difference is okay!
– Mentoring Sessions can on be via Meet / Skype only when a model isn’t needed!

Price: $150 an hour (4 hour minimum)
A deposit of $600.00 is due upon booking!


All courses include: Lunch both days, skill Building hands on worksheets, Kit (Over $200 Value), and a live model.

Brow Down

Learn how to thread like a pro. Threading has been around for ages, and unlike YouTube videos I teach you all the ins and out of the art of threading without using the string in your mouth!

Price: $700


The Jump Off

Lashes are taking the world by storm & by the looks of it, they aren’t going anywhere & nowadays who doesn’t want in? But like a house your foundation must be solid! Benvenidos, to the jump off! Where you’ll learn how to be an Artist, & a CEO at the same damn time! You may think I’m crazy but lashes have changed my life. Now its time for you to change yours!

Price: $1000


Lift em’ Up

Lash Lifts is where its at, from reviving clients that have fallen off due to not being able to wear extensions, to taking 2 clients at the same time. Talk about doubling your income! this service literally taken the world by storm! Becoming the best alternative to lash extensions, due to its longevity, and little to no maintenance. A semi-permanent perm to enhance your clients natural lashes for up 6 weeks, yes please!

Price: $700


Ruban Artistry

Russian Volume is an art, yes this is true, but when you give it to this cuban…well let’s just say it’s been taken to a whole other level.& this is just that, a combination of everything I’ve adapted from every course, and ended becoming my very own signature way of lashing. Russian + Cuban = Artistry you ready? This course is 2 day of intensity please be advise this isn’t an ordinary class, and unlike most I mean it.We breakdown every single aspect of lashing and build you back up the RUBAN way. I don’t play when it comes to my craft, because client rely on results that last PERIODT! This class will CHALLENGE you so bring your brain ill bring the coffee

Price: $2000